Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Father needs financial help to save children

I'm here for a cry/ a plea for help to"Save My Children!
I received temporary custody of my two children - 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter October 24, 2007.
I have been in a costly legal battle for the past 2 years. I have a wonderful lawyer who's office has taken this case personal. My lawyer is an individual and not part of a firm. She can NO longer move forward with my case unless I can raise the finances to cover past costs and a week long jury trial. Yes, thats right - JURY TRIAL
I am forced to find a unique way to generate donations to " Save My Kids".
I have several loans I'm trying to pay back. I've borrowed from family members and even my dad's teacher's retirement. I've borrowed from friends and neighbors.
I have ran out of financial options and an begging the world to help a father "Save his Kids".
My name is David Tepera. I'm 48 years old. I have a college education and a great career. It is only a modest income. I coach all my kids sports. I'm very active in my community teaching and coaching. The children and I have a strong foundation in a Christian driven church.
My children are well adjusted and have a wonderful life with me.
Please, I know there are people out there who have a son, brother, cousin, neighbor, or some relative who is going through this devastating ordeal.
There is no secret of the great mothers in this world, and dead beat fathers. It is because of these horrible fathers that the legal system is set up for mothers. Shame on you "Bad Dads".
I have my children and they must stay to have the best opportunity to succeed in life.
This 'cause" will not stop with me. I'm in the early stages of starting a non-profit foundation to help other single fathers dealing with the same issue. All funds received will only go towards legal services. There will be NO personal gain from this foundation.
Anyone or organization who wants to help "Save My Kids" or others please send check or money order to David Tepera, P.O. Box 3314, League City, Texas 77574
I will personally answer all emails sent directly to me.
My children and I thank you for your support!!


  1. Just click on the title "Good Father needs financial help to save his children" and it will allow you to comment.
    thank you

  2. WOW!!!! Good Story....And how believable you sound.
    Coming from a man that cheated on his wife practically the whole marriage. Walked out on his family 3 times, and wanted to give up his kids (if he didn't have to pay child support)! I will never stop fighting for my children until they are back home where they belong....You are a sick man, that has no respect for women. Makes it scary that you have a daughter!
    Everyone that is around you finally realizes the true David, and leave!
    Tammy Tepera

  3. Tammy Tepera just proved the point.
    There is a serious reason the courts took children away from her.
    I pray she gets the treatment to be a safe mother